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Federal Signal Model 951 Strobe Beacon


Federal Signal's Model 901, low-profile and the Model 951, high-profile strobe beacons combine a high-performance power supply, durable aluminum base, and impact-resistant, polycarbonate domes. These options help provide superior warning in the harshest environment. The Model 901 and Model 951 utilize a replaceable, helical strobe tube and an optically superior, Fresnel dome to maximize light output and completely fill the dome. These strobes are multi-volt (12-48VDC) and use 16-joule, single flash, and 18-joule, double and quad flash, power supplies for brilliant warning signals. All 901 and 951 DC models have a five-year warranty and feature an “open-style” aluminum base with a flexible rubber mounting gasket. An impact-resistant, polycarbonate, dust cover provides extra protection in harsh environments. The low-profile, Model 901 and the high-profile, Model 951 are available in Single (115VAC), Double and Quad flash versions. All models meet California Administrative Code Title 13, Article 22 specifications with amber or clear domes and SAE J845 Class 1 requirements with amber, red, blue or clear domes. Necessary mounting hardware is included with all models.


  • Flash Rate: 75/min.
  • Voltage: 12-48 VDC
  • Joules: 18J high/12J low
  • Power: 22.5W (quad flash)
  • Amp Draw: 2.2@12V to 0.65@48V
  • Diameter: 5.7in
  • Height: 7.6in


Open-style bottom (Amber) (Blue 03)
(Red 04) (Clear 05) (Green 06)
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| No reviews for this product.