Dump Bed Equipment

You will find a wide selection of application for dump beds and the parts to maintain existing ones. Below is a breakdown of the equipment available.
Dump bed inserts are sorta like bed liners as they sit on top of the existing beds and provide function, such as the ability to tip the insert to unload. These inserts are very durable and come in a variety of materials like steel or polyurethane. They are used mostly for hauling medium to light loads but still require a dump capability with the expense of buying a regular dump truck. Installing side walls on some models can increase the load capacity of an existing pickup truck.
Dump bed tarps are tarps specifically designed for dump trucks and dump bed inserts. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Some come as roller kits for easy covering and uncovering loads that require it, and some operate by electric. There are several models to choose from for the best solution and tarp system that works for your dump truck or insert
Dump bed vibrators are vibrating motors that shake a bed of a dump truck to increase the effectiveness of the dumping process. These vibrators are more effective than the rocking and jarring motion that most dumps have. Also the resulting shaking motions that affect the hydraulics that tilt the bed is unnecessary when you have a bed vibrator equipped. They make getting that load out of the bed when unloading very easy.


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