Maxon Me2 Stakebed/Van Body

Maxon Me2 Stakebed & Van Body

The Me2 C2 is ideal for today's stakebed and van body vehicles. Lifting up to 1600 lbs, Me2 is a cost-effective option with heavy-duty features that delivers reliable performance.

Maxon Me2 For Stake Body

High Performance, Low Maintenance

All of Maxon's Me2 C2 liftgates are built with high performance and low maintenance in mind. An oversized, fully enclosed pump and motor assembly helps ensure increased life and less potential for downtime, while maintenance-free, grease-free bearings reduce the need for service. A timed toggle control prevents unauthorized use, automatically deactivating 90 seconds after operation.

Direct Lift, Level Ride

Me2 C2 lifts provide direct lift with level ride, with ramp options that increase loadable platform depth, as well as the option for steel or aluminum platforms.


Dual hydraulic lifting cylinders
Maintenance-free components
Protected / recessed main control with time-out features
Steel or aluminum platforms
Fully-enclosed hydraulic system

Maxon Me2 Chart Stake Body

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