Dodge Promaster Backup Mirror/Monitor System
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Dodge Promaster Backup Mirror/Monitor System

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MOR-Vision® Dodge Promaster Brake Light Backup Camera Kit
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The Dodge Promaster Backup Mirror/Monitor System from Rosco is the safety solution for your Dodge Promaster. With 170° field of vision and up to 17 feet of night time visibility, this camera system has you covered. The “Two-in-one" rearview mirror automatically displays a crisp, clear view of what’s going on behind the vehicle when in reverse and provides the standard rearview mirror view at all other times. The clip-on feature allows quick and easy installation for you and your drivers.Simply slide the mirror/monitor over your existing OEM rearview mirror and begin using your new backup camera system


We warrant that all ROSCO mirror, camera, sun visor, and electronic vision products are free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of ONE (1) YEAR (unless specified longer) from the date of receipt of the product. During the warranty period, we agree to provide a replacement for (or at our option repair) any ROSCO product and/or any one or more component parts of a ROSCO product, which malfunctions under normal use and service. For More Information Visit ROSCO Vision Systems