Cable Tensioner

Cable Tensioners

B/A Cable Tensioners & Guides have a field proven spring-loaded design that provides constant tension on the winch cable. This eliminates a slack cable condition and improves the winding of the cable on the drum. Rollers are high carbon steel with bronze bushings for long service life. The vertical rollers prevent the cable from rubbing the sides of the drum.

Tensioner Roller Guide 17-1
Cable Tensioner Roller Guide 17-1N
$172.74 $236.03
SKU 17-1N
  • Made in USA
BA 17-1B Tensioner
Cable Tensioner Roller Guide 17-1BN
$183.94 $251.59
SKU 17-1BN
  • Made in USA
BA 17-2
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$211.37 $289.68
SKU 17-2N
  • Made in USA