When you have hydraulic issues, you may have symptoms such as:

  • Noise
  • High fluid temperature
  • Slow operation
These signs could mean your truck hydraulic equipment is faulty, and could potentially lead to equipment failure. Good maintenance for your hydraulic system is the best way to prolong the life of your equipment. We carry a range of component options from brands like Muncie, Sauer Danfoss, and Buyer’s Products Company. Our experts are on hand to help you quickly find the right solution for different system types, designs, and complexities.

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Hydraulic Reservoirs and Tanks

Reservoirs and tanks need to be large enough to supply enough oil to facilitate cooling, but small enough to be mounted on the truck. We carry a variety of sizes – from 25 to 70-gallon capacities – including upright and side-mount tanks. Choose from aluminum and polymer to accommodate different systems and equipment types.

Hydraulic Pump and Filters

Additional noise, heat, perhaps cylinder inconsistency, and overall system sluggishness can point to a pump problem. The right size pump in industrial, mobile or agricultural equipment will create the optimal degree of flow in your system, and we carry Muncie clutch pumps, Muncie gear pumps, and live floor pumps. Unfiltered hydraulic fluid or old filters can cause valves to get dirty and worn out, which leads to leaks and inefficiency. The right filter will help protect your reservoir and pump from debris. If you aren’t sure which filter has the right micron rating for your pump’s GPM, contact us.

Hydraulic Control Valves

Without the right size and type of valve, system malfunctions or overload could occur. Zequip carries 3 and 4-way directional control, flow divider, electric, gate, mono block and selector valves, among other styles to keep your system running optimally.

Hydraulic Motors

You count on your hydraulic motors to rotate your augers, your drills, your spreaders. If they don’t work – you don’t work. So when your motor needs replacement parts – we’re here to help. Choose from 2 and 4-bolt, 2.8 to 22.6 CIPR motors in a range of torque and pressure ratings for truck and medium-duty applications from manufacturers that include HydraStar®.

Power Take Off

For an auxiliary power system, divert mechanical power from your transmission or engine to your pump with one of our power take off systems.

12V Power Units

Getting the right power unit and current to your lift gates and dump beds avoids damage and potential danger. We carry a wide variety of parts that keep you up and running.

Hoses and Fittings

Proper hydraulic fluid supply to your equipment is critical – and our stock of Eaton hoses and fittings will make sure your connections are seamless.


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