Fisher QuickCaster 300W Tailgate Spreader

Mount it and go!

The FISHER® QUICK-CASTER™ 300W wireless electric tailgate spreader is the ultimate “plug ‘n’ play” spreader for ice control. The standard 2" receiver hitch and 7-pin connector make it easy to install on many vehicles without drilling or wiring, and the key fob control is completely wireless! Available with mounts to fit a wide variety of vehicles, from pickup trucks and SUVs to utility vehicles and tractors.

The 300W Tailgate Spreader is a wireless salt spreader that comes with a vertical high-flow auger for spreading bagged rock salt. Simply install the unit into a 2-inch reciever hitch and connect the 7-pin harness for plug-and-play operation. Then, control the spreader with a pocket-sized wireless remote.

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Fisher QuickCaster 300W Tailgate Spreader 80030CPV
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Fisher QuickCaster 300W Tailgate Spreader 80030CPV
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  • 3.0 cu ft capacity
  • Up to 25' spread width
  • Wireless Control
75925 Cover
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Fisher Weather Cover (300W Speader)
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SKU 75925
  • See Through Cover
  • Fisher Factory Original Part

300W Spreader Specs

  • 3.0 cu ft capacity
    • Weight Empty: 68lbs
    • Weight Full: 240lbs
  • Up to 25' spread width
  • Single stage
  • Auger feed system
    • Designed for bagged rock salt
  • Wireless Control
  • Electric Driven
    • 12-volt DC direct drive


300W - Bypass Mode

  • Bypass Mode
    • Remove power from spreader and place the "Pair/Bypass" switch in the "Bypass" position
    • When power is next applied to the spreader, it will operate in Bypass mode and start at the 100% speed.
    • The remote key fob will be locked-out

  • Why have a Bypass Mode?
    • If the key fob control becomes lost or non-functional, the operator can put the spreader into Bypass Mode and finish the job


300W - Spreader Mounts

  • 300W Mount Options (5)
    1. 2" Light Duty Hitch Mount is used to mount the 300W to a vehicle's 2" receiver hitch.
      (2" receiver hitch comes standard on 300W)
    2. Drop Utility Mount is a low-profile mount for utility vehicles
    3. Trailer Mount gives spreaders the ability to be towed via a lawn and garden hitch
    4. Utility Mount is used to mount spreaders to various utility vehicles
    5. 3-point Mount allows spreaders to attach to the 3-point hitch of compact tractors
    6. Weather Cover #75925