Fisher SD Snow Plow

Fisher SD Series Snow Plow


Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of...

Winter storm warnings? Under control. Even though many of today’s four-wheel-drive vehicles have gotten smaller and lighter, it doesn’t mean they can’t still be a high-performance snow plowing machine. With the FISHER® SD Series snowplow, you can make short work of that storm in no time flat. Just like the pros.

The SD Series straight blades come standard with a ½ base angle and 1” x 6” polymer cutting edge to increase wear resistance and improve cutting power and scraping ability without adding excess weight. The tough polymer material also helps absorb plowing shock.

Ideal for standard-duty commercial and institutional plowing, the SD Series snowplow is built to fit a wide range of vehicles and deliver a perfect balance of performance and versatility. Available in 6’9” and 7’6” widths, these blades are a full 26” high and made of 14 gauge steel.

With the increasing popularity of smaller lighter four-wheel drive trucks in mind, Fisher Engineering has designed a plow that is compatible with the reduced axle capacity of these vehicles while meeting the needs of the personal use plower.

Ideal for homeowners and non-commercial plowing situations, the Fisher Standard Duty Series plows are specifically designed for compact and light 1/2 ton trucks as well as some sport-utility vehicles. Available in 6'9" and 7'6" blade widths, these plows are a full 26" high and made of 14 gauge steel. They're equipped with a replaceable polymer cutting edge designed to complement these blades by improving scarping ability without adding excess weight. The tough polymer material also helps absorb plowing shock.

Key accessories available include a two-ply rubber deflector (7'6") or a steel deflector which help keep snow funneled to the side and off the windshield, a bolt-on show kit to help extend the life of the polymer cutting edge when plowing on abrasive surfaces, and a Plow Parka which fits over the lights and headgear for protection from the elements. A steel cutting edge is available for the 7'6" SD only.

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Plow Blade Construction

The 26" tall, powder coated, steel blade is available in 6' 9" and 7' 6" widths, and features a poly cutting edge with an aggressive, 75-degree attack angle for enhanced scraping and back dragging.

Structural Reinforcement

The SD Series snow plow has eight vertical ribs and a torsion tube ensuring you have the durability you need when the going gets tough.

Reliable Hydraulics

We produce our own hydraulic system to ensure the highest standards of performance, quality and reliability, giving you a plow that is fast, responsive and built to last.
All critical hydraulic components are fully enclosed for protection from the elements.

Trip Protection

Our industry-leading trip-edge design protects you and your equipment when encountering hidden obstacles. For improved efficiency and less cleanup, only the bottom edge trips, keeping the blade upright and plowed snow in front of the blade.
The FISHER® trip edge uses compression-type springs that never require adjustment and will not wear out like extension springs.

Blade Width Blade Height Blade Gauge Trip Springs Ribs Angling Rams Plowing Width Approx. Weight Wear Shoes Cutting Edge
6' 9" 26" 14 2 8 1½" x 10" 6" 1" 472 lb Optional 1"x6" Poly
7' 6" 26" 14 2 8 1½" x 10" 6' 9" 487 lb Optional 1" x 6" Poly
3/8" x 6" Steel
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