Fisher Poly-Caster UTV Hopper Spreader

Fisher Poly-Caster UTV Hopper Spreader

Built to Make Your UTV an Ice-Melting Machine

The FISHER® POLY-CASTER™ UTV 11 cu ft poly hopper spreader provides a compact ice control solution. Perfect for utility vehicles, this lightweight hopper spreader packs a big punch and delivers many of the unique features of the larger models, for efficient ice control performance.

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Fisher Poly-Caster UTV Hopper Controls

Dual Variable-Speed Control

Dual variable-speed control allows you to individually control the two 12-volt electric motors to precisely match material delivery and spread patterns to conditions.

Transverse Auger Delivery System

When an obstruction occurs, the transverse auger delivery system can reduce downtime by automatically backing itself in and out until the obstruction is cleared or a required adjustment has been made.
Fisher Poly-Caster UTV Hopper Transverse Auger Delivery System

Fisher Poly-Caster UTV Hopper Quick-Connect Spinner Assembly

Quick-Connect Spinner Assembly

Gain easy access to the hitch by removing the quick-connect spinner drive assembly.

Vibrating Inverted V

A standard 12-volt vibrator is directly connected to the inverted V, providing maximum agitation to help break up large clumps and ensure the smooth flow of material.
Fisher Poly-Caster UTV Hopper Vibrating Inverted V

Fisher Poly-Caster UTV Hopper Standard Top Screen

Standard Top Screen

Helps break up large chunks of de-icing material during the loading process to prevent clogging and bridging.

Steel Frame

Heavy-duty steel with electrostatic powder-coated finish.
Fisher Poly-Caster UTV Hopper Steel Frame

Fisher Poly-Caster UTV Hopper Fitted Tarp Cover

Fitted Tarp Cover

A fitted tarp cover helps ice control material stay dry to prevent clumping.
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