Truck Electrical Parts

The electrical equipment running your vehicle and, ultimately, your project needs to be dependable--and safe. We keep your vehicle powered and worksite well lit with parts from manufacturers like Rosco, Optima, Kipor, and Recon, including:

  • Back-up alarms>: a safety feature that indicates a vehicle is backing up.
  • Vehicle batteries: top of the line brands that power vehicle electrical systems, used in most climates.
  • Generators: portable power sources from brands like Kipor, Generac, and Powerhouse for camping or work sites, available in a wide range of models and amp outputs.
  • Electrical components: includes switches, fuses and circuit breakers, trailer connectors to specific grades of wire terminals and switches.
  • Vehicle camera systems: rear-mounted camera and monitor that provides visibility for vehicle backups, security or spot checking an area during machine operation or motion.

Stock up to prevent work truck lighting problems

Too much or too little power in the system can result in disruptive problems for your vehicle and machinery. If you know what to look for, you can spot issues before they become dangerous or inconvenient. For example, prematurely dim headlights may indicate charging issues, battery discharge, low wattage or loose wires. A burning plastic smell or blown fuse may occur due to power overload. We can help you stock up on replacement parts like:

  • Wire: 100-500 foot, red, green, black and multicolored multi-conductor wire
  • Fuses: 7.5 to 30 amp
  • Circuit breakers: 30 to 150 amp

Work longer with the right work truck battery

It used to be that work trucks operated sluggishly when the battery was dying. But today’s technology can be savvy enough that you’ll have no warning--and that can affect your ability to get the job done. We recommend that you track the lifespan of your battery (typically four to five years) and buy a replacement ahead of schedule so that you don’t get stuck, and:

  • Buy a battery that fits your vehicle
  • Configure battery terminals according to vehicle specs
  • Buy the best: ratings matter
  • Note the cold cranking amps (CCA) and dimension/post location numbers on your current battery for reference.

Newer technologies are worth a try--some, like Optima's spiral wound AGM batteries, are completely covered (corrosion resistant), prevent overcharging (due to safety relief valves) and are 15 times more vibration resistant and last twice as long as traditional flooded lead-acid batteries. We carry 6 and 12 v Optima red, yellow and blue deep cycle and starting AGM batteries in addition to traditional types.

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