Wetline Kits


  • Includes everything you need to set up a hydraulic system for your dump application.
  • Choose the combination of upright reservoir size and material for your needs.
  • Pumps can be ordered with clockwise or counterclockwise operation.
  • All brackets, hoses, fittings, fasteners, and other hardware included.

The Upright Reservoir/Direct Mount Pump Wetline Kit from Buyers Products has everything you need to set up a dump hydraulic system.

Choose from a steel, polymer, or aluminum reservoir with a 50 gal or 70 gal capacity. All versions come with a cast iron pump/valve .assembly rated at 46 GPM at 1800 RPM.

Specify clockwise or counterclockwise rotation based on the PTO operation. Contact Customer Service for assistance.

The wetline kit includes: (1) Upright reservoir; (1) Frame bracket kit with fasteners; (1) Reservoir isolation package; (1) 46 GPM at 1800 RPM cast iron pump/valve combination with brackets; (1) 6 ft internally reinforced 1-1/4 in. suction hose; (2) 1-1/4 in. barbed adapter fittings; (2) 1-1/4 in. stainless steel hose clamps; (1) 1 in. high pressure swivel adapter; (1) 1 in. wing-type high pressure quick detach coupling; and (1) 1 in. high pressure hose, 6 ft long.



  • Bolts right to your PTO for a compact and efficient source of hydraulic power.
  • Designed to handle dump operations with 2 or 3 line plumbing.
  • Includes a 4 bolt SAE mounting flange and 7/8 by 13 spline shaft.

The Direct Mount Hydraulic Dump Pump with Manual Valve from Buyers Products directly mounts to your PTO for a compact and efficient source of hydraulic power. It is designed for dump operations with 2 or 3 line plumbing and comes set up for standard cable-controlled shift operation. It's also available with air cylinder to convert to pneumatic control on shifter spool.

Based on RPM, its output ranges from 13 to 46 GPM. It includes a relief valve set at 2500 PSI. The unit includes a 4 bolt SAE B mounting flange and 7/8 in. by 13 spline shaft. (PUMP #C1010DMCCW)

You will need to specify the pump rotation when ordering, which you can determine by looking at the pump with the shaft facing you and the belly of the pump facing down.
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