Switch N Go


Switch N Go Aluminum Dump Body

The Switch-N-Go® Aluminum Dump Body is a lightweight designed dump body that provides additional payload, safer operation, and more. The double acting ramp/dump gate is engineered to be able to access materials in the dump bed as well as a manual front release latch for assistance in dumping materials.

Switch N Go Drop Box

The Switch-N-Go® Drop Box can haul debris, materials, and equipment. Industry standard features paired with a Switch-N-Go® hoist system, the Drop Box is a perfect addition for any industry as your go to container.

Switch N Go Dumpster Body

Switch-N-Go® Dumpster Bodies are designed with waste haulers in mind. Manufactured with an engineered slope front design coupled with the hoist system’s 50 degree dumping angle will have haulers raving about the efficiency of dumping and container cleanout. The lightweight design also offers a greater payload to the hauler, without sacrificing the structural integrity.

Switch N Go Dump Body

The Switch-N-Go® Dump Body can haul products, materials, or equipment. With a 2-way tailgate features a fold down gate for drive-on convenience and a dump gate that makes dumping materials easier than before, all paired with the Switch-N-Go® hoist system to suit many different industries.

Switch N Go Stainless Steel Dump Body

The Switch-N-Go® Stainless Steel Dump Body has a proven design that is constructed to last, providing protection from harsh environments and corrosive materials. this proven design that features a manual front release double-acting tailgate and optional drop-down sides.

Switch N Go Chipper Body

The Switch-N-Go® Chipper Body is built to suit the needs of the arbor industry with a lower gate height for chipping and/or hauling materials or equipment. The bolt-on sectional removable roof allows a single operator to remove or attach each section or all with just some simple tools and a little bit of manpower.

Switch N Go Landscape Body

The Switch-N-Go® Landscape Body is making it easier than ever for landscapers to have access to materials, equipment, and tools. The 7′ spring-assisted fold-down ramp paired with a 4′ extended beavertail and welded D-Rings in each corner allow you to safely and efficiently load and unload without unnecessary climbing in the body. 

Switch N Go Flatbed

The Switch-N-Go® Flatbed is ideal for hauling equipment and materials from jobsite to jobsite. Designed with a flat surface for hauling large equipment, the option of with or without a beaver tail, and the ground level loading abilities when paired with a Switch-N-Go® hoist system, the Flatbed is your go to hauler for industries such as landscaping, tree care, and more.

Switch N Go Flat Bed Service Body

The Switch-N-Go® Flatbed Service Body will provide users with safe and efficient security and storage of tools during jobs. This body provides a fully compatible Service Body application and features a lightweight aluminum design to provide additional payload and superior corrosion resistance. 

Switch N Go Storage Body

The Switch-N-Go® Storage Body is designed to secure materials and equipment on and off the ground. With lockable security style doors, you can keep your belongings safe no matter where you are. With a Switch-N-Go® hoist system, you can drop the Storage Body at a jobsite, or keep it secure overnight, while the truck can be moving more bodies to and from the shop.

Switch N Go Van Body

The Switch-N-Go® Van Body is a fully enclosed, lightweight unit that allows for cargo protection during transport and storage. The smooth sides provide ample advertising space and features a single rear roll-up door and bolt-on pullout ladder that allows for simple and safe operation on and off the ground.