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DumperDogg Series-Power Up and Down, 1.5KW Motor (3 HP Max) For Hydraulic Pump, 6,000 lbs. Max, Dump Angle 0-45 Degrees.
$3,896.25 $6,234.00
SKU 5531001

Product Details

  • Transforms your 3/4 ton or higher pickup into a dump truck, saving you time, effort, and cost when unloading heavy or bulky material.
  • Double pivoting and removable tailgate lets you load and access the truck bed with ease.
  • Completely clears truck bed of material with a maximum 45º dump angle.
  • Corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel frame and insert.
  • Included body-up indicator kit alerts you when the DumperDogg is raised.
  • Pair with the SaltDogg Tailgate Replacement Spreader to turn your truck into a salt spreader during winter.
  • Versatile design lets you continue to use your truck for normal transporting.
  • Tarp system, side extensions, and cab guard sold separately (see "Accessories" below for more information).
  • Backed with a 2 year warranty.

Buyers Products DumperDogg Dump Insert transforms your pickup truck into a dump truck, making it easier to transport and unload heavy, loose material such as mulch or stone. Built from 12 Ga steel, the insert will fit either a 6 ft or an 8 ft domestic truck bed on 3/4 ton and higher pickups. Each insert has a payload capacity of up to 6,000 lb.

The multipurpose DumperDogg Steel Dump Insert has a double pivoting and removable tailgate. Four 3/4 in. quick release hinge pins allow the tailgate to open up or down for loading or unloading. The inserts can also be removed completely for easy access to the truck bed. These unique features ensure that you can still use your truck for transporting standard items, accommodating plywood sheets and pallets. A powder-coated steel structural frame keeps the integrity of the DumperDogg Steel Dump Insert for years of use.

The DumperDogg Steel Dump Insert bolts to the frame of your vehicle and uses a power scissor hoist to provide a dump angle of up to 45º. The self-contained 3 HP power unit connects to the vehicle's electrical system to operate the power up/power down hoist. A body-up indicator kit is included to notify you when the dump is in the upright position. The DumperDogg Steel Dump Insert has a tethered control box with a 10 ft cord, so you can operate it from a distance.


Works on a 12V system and is constructed out of steel with a load capcity of 6,000 Lbs. Fits Most 8 foot beds.

  • Fits Most 8' and 6' Beds
  • Power Up and Power Down
  • 1.5Kw motor (3 HP max) for Hydraulic Pump
  • 2 cu yd cap.(8'); 1.5 cu yd cap.(6')
  • Payload cap.: 6,000 lbs. max*
  • Dump Angle 0°– 45°
  • 12 Gauge Steel or NEW Stainless Steel Material
  • Black Powder Coat Finish or NEW Stainless Steel
  • Includes Manual Safety Bar
  • Tethered Control Box with 9' Cord
  • Grease Fittings/Holes in Pivot Points
  • Includes Body-Up Indicator Kit (SK10)
  • 20' Battery Cables
  • Tailgate Chains
  • Black Powder Coat Structural Steel Frame
  • Double Pivoting and Removable Steel Tailgate
  • 3/4" Diameter Tailgate Hinge Pins


Optional Features
  • 5531010 - Bolt-On Cab Guard for 6' & 8' Steel Insert
  • 5534010 - Bolt-On Cab Guard for 6' & 8' Stainless Steel Insert
  • 5531020 - Wall Extension Bracket Kit for 6' & 8' Steel Insert (hardware & 2 brackets per side), accepts one 2" x 12" per side**
  • 5534020 - Wall Extension Bracket Kit for 6' & 8' Stainless Steel Insert (hardware & 2 brackets per side), accepts one 2" x 12" per side**
  • DTR5508 - Roll Tarp Kit, 5.4' x 9.5' for 6' Steel/Stainless Steel Inserts***
  • DTR5511 - Roll Tarp Kit, 5.4' x 11.5' for 8' Steel/Stainless Steel Inserts***



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