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1/2" Hose to 1/2" Split Flange 90DEG. Tube Elbow (SAE Code 61)

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SKU 08Z-G71

Product Details

WeatherGrip Z-Series Hose Ends

The Next Generation technology of Eaton's WeatherGrip hose ends are compatible with the most Weatherhead Standard and newer generation hose styles combining best-in-class technologies to meet and exceed the highest globally recognized standards for 1 and 2 wire braid hydraulic hose assemblies.
Now, with the addition of 168 new hose ends, the total array of over 500 WeatherGrip hose ends meets virtually all customer needs for domestic and non-North American thread styles and configurations. The resulting hose assemblies provide superior performance in the demanding applications often encountered within mobile and industrial equipment.

Easy Assembly

WeatherGRIP® hose ends are assembled with Weatherhead hose using existing Coll-O-Crimp® machines. The hose ends have a scribe line around the circumference of the socket to easily identify the location where the Coll-O-Crimp collets are positioned for crimping.

Bite-the-Wire Type Technology

WeatherGrip hose ends feature advanced “Bite-theWire” technology:

  • Advanced “Bite-the-Wire” design provides higher operating and burst pressure
  • Eliminates cool down leakage
  • Flat crimp for easier routing
  • Compatible with multiple hose styles to accomodate most application needs

Typical Application:

General purpose low, medium, and high pressure hydraulic. Pressure: Determined by maximum working pressure for hose size and hose end configuration whichever is less.

Low Carbon Steel

Trivalent Zinc Plated

Wide selection of hose and end configurations allowing a diverse number of applications. Assemble With: T -400-1, T -410-1, T -420-1, T -440, T -460, T -462, T -465, T -480, ET1000, ET4000, ET4001, ET4020 and ET4040. Label Set: FF90645

Compatible Hose Styles:
H104, H145, H145R, H190, H190H, H245, H245L, H280, H290, H290H, H290L, H345, H350, H400, H421, H425, H1777 (-04, -06, 08), H1776 (-04 thru -20), H1571 (-12 only), H6002 (-08, -12, -16), H6008 (-16 & -20), H6009 (-20 only), H9622 (-12, -16, -20), H265 (-04, -06, -08, -12, -16), H275 (-04 thru -16), H1812 (-04 thru -20), H0106 (-04 thru -10), H0105 (-06 thru -12, -20), H116 (-04, -06, -08), H115 (-04 thru -20), H1982 (-06 thru -16), H1981 (-04, -06, -08), H9949



Eaton Hydraulics warrants to the original purchaser that products sold shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for the warranty period applicable to the purchased product.

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