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The pre-wet system poly tanks are sold in sets of 25- or 50-gallon pairs. The tanks are cross-connected to maintain equal distribution of the liquid across the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle.

Available in 50 gallon (two 25-gallon tanks) or 100 gallon (two 50-gallon tanks) kits.

Available in 50 gallon (two 25-gallon tanks) kits.

Easy-To-Access Fill Cap

An easily accessible cap allows for quick filling. Translucent tanks allow operators to see when liquid is running low, and molded-in volume marks show fill levels.

The updated FLEET FLEX electric hopper spreader control for the STRIKER / STEEL-CASTER™ and TORNADO / POLY-CASTER™ hopper spreaders includes a pre-wet accessory button which provides simple on/off* operation, allowing the operator to choose when to apply brine while spreading.

For operators who want additional flow control from inside the cab, a separate in-cab, full-featured control option is available, featuring a flow-control dial and warning lights that alert the operator of a clog or if the tanks are empty.

*On STRIKER / STEEL-CASTER gas and hydraulic models, the on/off switch is incorporated into the master accessory harness control panel.


Pump System

The pre-wet system is supported by two different pump systems.

When using the simple on/off control (76450), the flow rate in the pump is set manually using the needle valve. Activation is controlled with an on/off switch in the cab.

When using the full-feature control (76420), the manual, single-needle valve is replaced with two pressure sensors, a high and a low, to detect a clog or empty tank.

Compatible with:

All STRIKER / STEEL-CASTER™ hopper spreader models.
All TORNADO / POLY-CASTER™ hopper spreader models manufacturered February 2016 or later.
Any TORNADO / POLY-CASTER model manufactured between 2009 and January 2016 with the purchase of an additional adapter kit.

Fleet Flex

FLEET FLEX technology gives you easy interchangeability between electric hopper spreaders without having to change the wiring or the controls.

It provides easy operation, increased reliability, simple wiring and easy installation.

Additonally, accessories automatically integrate into the control for easy plug 'n play.



FISHER snow plow parts and accessories sold over the counter and the Homesteader™ snow plow are covered by a one-year warranty. All warranty requests must be handled through an authorized FISHER snow plow dealer. - See more at: