Fisher Speed-Caster 525 Tailgate Spreader

The 525 Tailgate Spreader is smallest 2-stage model spreader capable of spreading all materials, including bulk salt and sand mixtures. It comes with a 5.25-cubic-foot capacity for demanding snow and ice professionals with more precise spreading needs.

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Fisher Speed-Caster 525 Spreader
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Fisher Speed-Caster 525 Spreader
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  • 5.25 cu ft capacity
  • Combo 2" reciever / Three Point Mount
  • Dual Variable-Speed Control

525 Spreader Specs

  • 5.25 cu ft capacity
  • Two-Stage
  • Auger Feed System
    • Able top spread any bulk salt and sand mixture
  • Transverse Auger Transmission
  • Dual Variable-Speed Control
  • Electric Driven
  • Vibrator Standard
  • Mount Standard

525 Spreader Mounts

  • The 525 comes standard with a combo 2" reciever / Three Point Mount
    (900 model does not come w/standard mount)
  • The 525 Tailgate Spreader is shipped from the factory set in the Three Point Mount Position
  • To switch the spreader to 2" reciever mount, remove hitch and rotate 180 degrees and reattach


525 Electrical / Control

  • New Dual variable speed control
    • Separate control for spread pattern and material feed
  • New 5-post MUX module with fuse built-in cable for accessories


Speedcaster Spreader Control

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