7128 Fisher Snow Plow Minute Mount Kit

FISHER MOUNT KIT FORD F250-F350SD 1992-1997 7128

FISHER MOUNT KIT FORD F250-F350SD 1992-1997 7128
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Minute Mount 2 - Ford F-250/350 1992-97
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7128 mount kit


NOTE: For easier assembly and installation, vehicle and all snowplow components should be on a smooth, level, hard surface, such as concrete.

NOTE: To insure proper fit of attachments and alignment of connecting pin arms, do not fully tighten any fasteners until told to do so.


1. Remove front bumper and discard fasteners.


2. Remove and discard the fasteners holding the shock tower on each side of the vehicle frame.


3. On the driver side, jack up rear hanger of the leaf spring so that spring is fully unloaded. Install rear of the driver-side pushplate between spring and frame. Place a 5/8" nut with handle on slot on inside of frame. Bend handle so plate washer will fit flat against inside of frame. Secure with a 5/8 x 2" hex cap screw.

Do not tighten any fasteners at this time.

On rear of pushplate, place one 3/4 x 2" hex cap screw and flat washer out through slotted hole in frame and pushplate. Secure with a 3/4" spring lock washer and hex nut.


4. Repeat with passenger-side pushplate.


5. Place the angle brace on the rear of the pushplate tabs with the heel down. Fasten with four 3/8" x 1" cap screws and flat washers from front, and secure with four 3/8" locknuts.


6. Place the slotted holes on the driver-side front hanger plate behind the slotted holes on the front bumper bracket. Make sure leg on hanger plate is on top of the frame. Repeat for passenger- side, then place hanger angle on top of, and behind, hanger plates. Place four 1/2 x 1-1/2" hex cap screws up through the bottom of hanger plates and through hanger angle. Secure with four 1/2" spring lock washers and hex nuts. Install four 1/2 x 1-1/2" cap screws through front bar of pushplates and through tabs of hanger plates. Secure with four 1/2" spring lock washers and hex nuts.


7. Check the center-to-center dimension between the connecting pin arms. This measurement should be 29-1/8". Once

checked and


8. Attach the rear of the pushplate through the shock tower and frame using the original bolting pattern of the shock tower. It may be necessary to ream the pushplate and frame with a 1/2" drill bit for the shock towers. Install either two or four 1/2" x 2" hex cap screws through the shock tower and frame. Secure with 1/2" hardened flat washers and hex locknuts. Tighten and repeat on other side.


9. Before reinstalling bumper, check the slotted holes in the plates. If not in place, use a drift pin through the slots and shim the plates up with one or two 5/8" flat washers. Reinstall bumper with four

1/2" x 2" cap screws, 1/2" flat washer and 5/8" flat washer. Secure with four 5/8" flat washers,

1/2" flat washers and 1/2" locknuts. Adjust bumper properly and tighten fasteners.


NOTE: After five to ten hours of snowplow usage, retorque all pushplate assembly fasteners.

Hanger Angle


FISHER snow plow parts and accessories sold over the counter and the Homesteader™ snow plow are covered by a one-year warranty. All warranty requests must be handled through an authorized FISHER snow plow dealer. - See more at: Fisher Plows - Parts & Service

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FISHER MOUNT KIT FORD F250-F350SD 1992-1997 7128
Average rating:
average rating 60%
1 reviews

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FISHER MOUNT KIT FORD F250-F350SD 1992-1997 7128
average rating 60%
Fisher 7128
By Mike Weber
Product and price were great but the directions that I received were for a dodge and the plow mount was for a ford luckily my other truck has the same mount so I just looked at that
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