Muncie PH Series Clutch Pump


Muncie clutch pumps provide hydraulic power at the flip of a switch. Clutch pumps can be used in situations where a PTO aperture is unavailable or difficult to access. Although normally belt driven, clutch pumps may also be shaft driven from the engine crankshaft.
PH series pumps mount on a flat bracket and are driven via two "vee" belts from an add-on crankshaft pulley.
PF4 series pumps are more compact and are driven via a serpentine belt. (Some kits utilize the OEM pulley and belt, while others use an add-on crankshaft pulley.)

  • Two pump types, sizes form 1.6 - 11 GPM @ 1000 RPM: Wide range of output flows
  • "Vee" and serpentine clutch types: Versatility
  • Four port design (PH Series): Easy installation
  • Compact mounting kit (PF4 Series): Easy installation
  • High torque clutch option (PH Series): Heavy duty applications

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