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Muncies new Auxiliary Power Drive SS88 Series Splitshaft PTO allows for mounting of two 8-bolt type PTOs behind the transmission on medium duty and heavy duty vehicles.

Our SS88 has two through shaft torque options available; the 14,000 lb. ft. rating and the 21,000 lb. ft. rating. The PTO drive gear in the SS88 is a high quality, 6-pitch spur gear that can handle the torque ratings of the large 8-bolt PTOs like the Muncie 82 series.

The through shaft is air or hydraulic shift-able to disengage the rear axle to allow for stationary operation; PTOs can be mechanically shifted, air-mechanically shifted and/or air-clutch shifted (depending on the series specified).

  • High Through Torque Capacity (14,000 lbs.ft. or 21,000 lbs.ft.)
  • Two SAE 8-Bolt Aperatures
  • Air or Hydraulic Shift
  • High Quality, 6-Pitch Spur Gear
  • Compact Design
  • Durable Components Common to other Muncie Split Shaft Products


SS88 Construction


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