ROSCO Vision Heated Backup Camera For Work Vehicles STSC107

Rosco Heated Backup Camera For Work Vehicles

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Heated Backup Camera
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The STSC107 color, heated backup camera increases a driver’s view with a 120° field of vision at the rear area of the work vehicle. This simple safety precaution protects from all kinds of accidents and even increases driver efficiency. A live audio feed adds another level of security and serves as a handy communication tool for loading, unloading, and tight maneuvering.


Horizontal resolution: 380 lines
Lens focal length: 2.4 mm
Dust/water rating: IP67
Impact (shock) rating: 100G
Vibration rating: 10G
Power supply: 12Vdc from Monitor
Operating temperature: F° -5° to +150°
Storage temperature: F° -5° to +160°
Dimensions: W 2.5"x H 1.7"x D 2.5"
2-year warranty

We warrant that all ROSCO mirror, camera, sun visor, and electronic vision products are free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of ONE (1) YEAR (unless specified longer) from the date of receipt of the product. During the warranty period, we agree to provide a replacement for (or at our option repair) any ROSCO product and/or any one or more component parts of a ROSCO product, which malfunctions under normal use and service. For More Information Visit ROSCO Vision Systems
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