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Deck Wheel

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Deck Wheel
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Deck Wheel


EverRide Warrior

Exmark Lazer Z deck group, Serial No. 102,000-370,000, 52", 60" and 72"; Turf Tracer front deck walk behind Serial No. 60,000-149,999, 52" and 60"; Turf Tracer HP Serial No. 150,000-260,000, 36", 48" and 52"; Metro and Viking Serial No. 90,000-190,000, 36", 48" and 52", Lazer Z HP Serial No. 160,000-370,000, 44", 48" and 52"; Turf Tracer Hydro with floating decks Serial No. 190,000 and newer

Ferris ISZ zero-turn ISZKAV-ISZ25K, 52" and 61" decks

Husqvarna WHF 48" and 52" deck drive, LZ 52", 60" and 72" cutting decks

Kubota BX series sub-compact tractor mower decks and ZD series zero-turn mowers; ZG-20/21 Pro Decks, 2005-2018

Toro Groundsmaster 60" and 72" , Timecutter Z4200, Z4202, Z4220, Z4235, Z5000, Z5020, Z5030, Z5035, Z5040, Z5060, ZX440, ZX525, SS4200, SS4235, SS4260, SS5000, SS5060, ZX525, Titan Z4800, Z5200, ZX4800, ZX4820, ZX4825, ZX4880, ZX5000, ZX5020, ZX5400, ZX5420, ZX5450, ZX5840, ZX6000, ZX6020, ZX6030 and ZX6050

Wright Mfg.48", 52" and 61" cutting decks; 48", 52" and 61" Stander


  • Wheel Size5x2 3/4
  • Hub Offset2 1/2"
  • No grease fitting
  • MaterialPlastic



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