OEM Carburetor Walbro WJ-105-1
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Carburetor Walbro WJ-105-1

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OEM Carburetor Walbro WJ-105-1
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SKU: 615-004

FITS MODELS: Dolmar PC-6412, PC-6414, PC-6430, PC-6435, PC-7312, PC-7314, PC-7330, PC-7335, PC-8114, PC-8116, PC8135 and PC-8140

Makita DPC6201, DPC6400, DPC6401, DPC6410, DPC6411, DPC7300, DPC7301, DPC7310, DPC7311 and DPC7321

Ethanol: Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel,

Walbro WJ-105-1, Makita 394 151 050, Dolmar 394 151 050, Dolmar 394 151 051, Makita 394 151 051, Walbro WJ-105, Dolmar 394 151 052


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