Tecumseh Carburetor Kits

Tecumseh Carburetor Kits

  • Carburetor Kit Tecumseh 31390
    Carburetor Kit Tecumseh 31390

    SKU: 520-304

    • Tecumseh: 29155, 29157, 30359, 31390
    • Tecumseh H22-H70, HH40-HH70, V40-V55, VH80, VH100, L series, LV series, LAV series and TV series
  • Carburetor Kit Tecumseh 631893A
    Carburetor Kit Tecumseh 631893A

    SKU: 520-312

    • Tecumseh 631893A
    • Tecumseh AH600, AV520, AV600, H22-H35, HS40, LAV30, LAV40, TVS600, TVS1400 and TVS1500
  • Carburetor Kit Tecumseh 632347
    Carburetor Kit Tecumseh 632347

    SKU: 520-336

    • Tecumseh: 632347, 632622
    • Tecumseh HH100, HHM80, HM70-HM100, HMSK, OHM120, OHSK120, OHV125, OVM120, OXVL120, TVM170, TVM195, TVM220, TVXL195, TVXL220 and VH100
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