Muncie F20 Series Power Take Off
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Muncie Power Take Off F20 Series
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Product Details

F20 Construction

Compatible Pumps

F SERIES The pressure balanced bushing blocks and sleeve bearings provide both extra long life and high performance. Requires F20 output code “TN”.

H SERIES All standard H Series displacements will be available for F20 “BA” mount applications. Each unit will come standard with a SAE “A” 2-bolt mounting flange and 7⁄8" - 13T splined shaft.

K SERIES The K Series pumps feature bi-rotational, four-port construction. All series can be either direct mounted to a power take- off, or remote mounted and shaft driven. The pumps can also be used as high-speed, low-torque hydraulic motors. Note: Use K Series pumps on 4x2 chassis applications ONLY

PT2-025 The PT2-025 Series bent axis piston pump is a high efficiency pump designed for applications requiring higher pressures and low flow rates. Requires “UU” output code.

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