Tommygate Cassette Liftgate

Tommy Gate Cassette Liftgate

The New Underbody, External Van Lift

It's there when you need it and not when you don't. The Cassette Liftgate mounts below the van, giving full access to the back of the vehicle without using the lift. These models are ideal for operators who need the functionality of a liftgate when interior storage space and access are a priority. The platform is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, and all models include an automatic retention ramp, underside skid plate, and one-touch storage.

Cassette Liftgate Features
Cassette Series models are loaded with standard features:
  • Minimal Footprint/ Out of the Way Storage
  • Underside Skid Plate
  • One-Touch Storage
  • Automatic Retention Ramp/ Taper
  • 4-function Pendant Control
  • Aluminum Bridge

Tommygate Cassette Liftgate CST-44-7039 EA47
Tommygate Cassette Liftgate CST-44-7039 EA47
$8,512.50 $9,671.00
SKU CST-44-7039 EA47
Manufacturer Lead Time: 4 Weeks
  • 32 X 47 Aluminum Platform
  • One-Touch Storage
  • Capacity 700lbs