Fisher Steel-Caster Hopper Spreader

Fisher Steel-Caster Hopper Spreader

Worth Its Salt

When it comes to engineering excellence, small details can make a big difference in the efficiency and profitability of your de-icing activity. The low-maintenance, rust-resistant STEEL-CASTER™ stainless steel hopper spreader was designed to maximize material control and minimize waste. With dual electric motors and enhanced variable-speed control the STEEL-CASTER hopper spreader is available in six sizes for pickup, dump body and flatbed trucks. Gas and hydraulic options also available.

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Features, Advantages, and Benefits

  • Multiple capacities and length
  • Multiple motor types
  • Dual electrical uses multiplex system
  • Innovative chute design
  • Standard features
  • Easy to incorporate accessories
  • Designed to be scalable for future upgrades
  • Price

Hopper - Models

Steel-Caster Models

  • 4 Hopper Lengths - 7', 8', 9' and 10'
  • 5 Hopper Capacities - 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.5, and 6.0 cu yd
  • 3 Drives - Dual Electric, Gas (B&S/Honda), Dual Hydraulic

Hopper - Standard Features

Standard Features

Hopper - Swing Away Chute

  • Dual Swing Away Chute Design
    • Swings both to the DS or PS
    • Tool free chute removal
    • Allows easy dumping or filling, for example, a walk behind spreader.

Swing-Away Chute

  • Chute extension (standard feature)
    • Tall and short configuration
    • Easy Adjustment - Tools required

Chute Extension

  • Rear Dump & Light Switch
    • Electric Models Only
    • Allows users to feed material from hopper into a walk behind spreader (for example) or to empty hopper for rear
    • Activate lighting while at the rear of unit, without having to return to the cab

Steel-Caster Rear Switches

Hopper - Control

Steel-Caster Controls

Hopper - Accessory Hub

  • Accessory Hub
    • "Plug 'n' Play" functionality
    • Isolated location (above chute) to prevent corrosion
    • Makes accessory installation much easier!
  • Uses a multiplex module similar but not identical to the poly hopper
  • Integrated "accessory Hub"
    • Plug 'n' Play functionality - 6 accessories, including dedicated plugs for a vibrator, 2 work lights, and strobe lights

Steel-Caster Accessory Hub

Hopper - Chute Design

  • Exceptional spread pattern
  • Adjustable deflector
  • Reduced material waste innovation
  • Complete material control/deflection
  • Swing-Away/Tool-less removal
  • Chute Baffle Design
    • Maximize material usage and reduce waste
    • Direct material flow through the chute and onto the spinner in two predetermined quadrants of the spinner - Passenger side front and rear
  • Disperse material behind and away from the truck instead of towards and under the truck

Chute Design - Steel-Caster Hopper Spreader

Hopper - Shutter Deflector

  • Circular shutter housing design that is much more effective than traditional chute designs. (Reduces material spill off the circular spinner)
  • The shutter deflector design rotates within the housing to help keep material on the spinner and directed where the operators intends

Steel-Caster -Shutter Deflector

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